Music Debut
Sponsored by EECU

The History

Educational Employees Credit Union (EECU) — the 70th largest credit union in the U.S., the 13th largest in California, and the largest locally-based in the central San Joaquin Valley — tasked us with creating a campaign for the fourth consecutive year featuring celebrity spokespersons (and EECU members): Derek and David Carr. Having recently renewed his contract with the Oakland Raiders as one of the highest paid NFL football players in history, Derek’s likelihood of taking out a low-rate auto loan with EECU was low, but the potential to spread awareness about EECU products was gold…Or platinum?

The Idea

Make the world believe Derek Carr was dropping an EECU-sponsored album by creating four commercials telling the story of Derek’s music career, and teasing his debut single with billboards, social media posts and a website. The commercials would follow Derek’s journey from spokesperson to singer-songwriter sensation, from initially pitching his idea, to recording his single, shooting his album cover photo and filming his music video, all finally leading up to an actual 90-second music video.

Our constraints:
- A 12 hour (max) shoot day with Derek and David
- Going into the shoot without knowing the Carr Brothers’ lip-syncing abilities - who knew Derek was so N’sync with his inner Justin Timberlake?
- A small budget for a big idea
- Talking about all of EECU’s major products (Visa Platinum Credit Card, Auto Loans and Home Loans) and reinforcing the brand
- Working within EECU’s existing platforms (Facebook and Twitter) and guidelines (making strategy and content recommendations only)

Our solutions:
- One company move, two crews, lots of preproduction meetings
- Write and produce a song in house that’s too catchy to forget
- Have a backup plan, including backup dancers
- DIY, from music track to jacket tassels
- Guerilla marketing in the form of a little billboard and a little music video teaser on the same day

Case Study

The Launch

Derek Carr Billboard
Derek Carr Billboard
Derek Carr Website

The Commercials

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

The Music Video

The News

Montage of Articles

The Results

- Made major waves. More people than ever before are talking about EECU out of Fresno, California
- Garnered over $300,000 earned media in digital alone
- Got over 93 million organic impressions
- Boosted EECU’s social media engagement
- Sports Illustrated called Derek’s music video the “greatest athlete commercial ever”
- The Canadian tuxedo is back in
- Entered meme status a month after dropping the music video stunt